Friday, May 21, 2010

Pray for Rain

There is a story of two farmers who were praying for rain. One farmer prayed for rain and planted his field, the other prayed for rain and did not plant his field.

When the rains came, who was ready to reap the harvest?

The one who planted the field. He is the one with the faith of a mustard seed. He put forth the effort, did the work expecting results.

This is a great way to live. It can be difficult because all of the "facts" say that this or that can not happen, but we can only see a small part of the whole picture. When we move forward, we trust that God has the big picture and do what is necessary leaving the outcome to God.

As we practice and experience the presence of God in our lives, our vision expands and we see more of the whole picture. This makes our life much easier.

Pray for Rain and prepare your fields. Stay focused on the next indicated step and trust that God has a plan and the plan is Good.

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  1. It's been raining here in San Diego, so this story is 'perfectly timed', in more ways then just the weather. I've been working on securing a global patent for all cell phones that will, through emergency and readiness content, combine the word of God in what we call 'Life Saving Advice'. We got the patent last year, thank God, with intellectual property protection in 86 countries with the intent to 'take the Word of God into ever tribe and nation' tied to everything emergency and readiness. Check out the link and see if you don't agree . . .
    Notice 'spiritual guidance' in the description . . . and then view the video on our beta site,
    Thank you for your diligence in getting the truth and promises of the Word out in ways that have practical application in our everyday lives. God bless you.